Hunter Equipment

Experience goes a very long way to being able to deliver the best service to our customers. At Performance Tire and Wheel, Inc we are proud of our experience and dedication to our customers.  You might say cars are in our DNA and we care about making sure your car or truck is operating both safely and efficiently.  We also understand that we have to use state-of-the-art technology.  That’s why we use Hunter equipment!

Hunter’s award-winning team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers are responsible for hundreds of patented and exclusive features that make their products the most productive under car service equipment available. Hunter has been chosen for use at OEM production, research, testing and training facilities and is the primary supplier of dealership equipment programs and recipient of many OEM supplier awards.  Hunter has built a reputation for innovation and leadership since 1946.  Performance Tire and Wheel, Inc Hunter Equipment to routinely solve vibration and tire pull problems that other tire shops simply can’t.

Get more details about our Hunter GSP9700 Road Force Measurement with Straight Trak(R) or Hunter DSP600 Digital Alignment System.

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