GSP9700 Road Force Balancing

GSP9700 Road Force Balancing …
Get a Smooth & Straight Ride with Road Force

This unique computerized wheel balancing system will help your car drive more safely and smoothly as well as decrease tire wear and tear. The Hunter GSP9700 also helps us to correct those vibration issues that some cars have when they begin to reach higher speeds, another sign that your wheels may be out-of-balance. Not only is this a safety concern for both you and your family, but, if not properly corrected, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars in future unexpected car repairs.

The Hunter GSP9700’s exclusive Road Force Measurement (R) System with Straight Trak (R) simulates a road test to identify radial force vibration and pull problems. It is able to detect non-balance, radial force related problems associated with tire uniformity, tire and rim runout, wheel-to-balancer mounting errors or improper bead seating of tire to rim. Simply put this capability allows us to solve vibration problems that other balancers can’t. Plus, you will get in and out quicker because the computer-aided technology allows us to trouble-shoot & repair the problem quicker with diagnostics of the rime and tire to radial vibration problems. And, if you are experiencing vehicle pull or drift problems we’ve got you covered with the Straight Trak (R) feature of our GSP9700. Straight Trak measures the lateral tire force then applies the information to a set of tires, providing multiple placemen choices to eliminate or minimize pull problems.

At Performance Tire and Wheel, Inc you get more than you average tire shop in Orange City, you get the added advantage of our state-of-the-art Hunter Road Force Measurement System with Straight Trak(R).


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